The Jubilee Quartet who played Steve's latest composition 'Romance' in March 2012. Listen to it here 

Jubilee Quartet

Steve and the band were delighted to be asked to play for actress Ruth Wilson's birthday at Soho's private club Blacks on the 15th January 2012. Jude Law and friends were also in attendance, great night! Happy Birthday Ruth!

Ruth Wilson

Steve Mulhern and his band play for Guy Ritchie and his film crew after the success of the premiere of Sherlock Holmes 2 on Thursday 8th December 2011

Guy Ritchie leaving his pub The Punchbowl in London, with girlfriend Jacqui Ainsley. Guy hosted an after hours party for friends and colleagues following the premiere of his second Sherlock Holmes film, staring Robert Downey, Jnr.

The Cultural Olympiad

As a member of the London Composers Forum Stephen has written a piece entitled ‘Fanfare for Trumpets in C’ to be performed by members of the Lambeth Wind Orchestra in July 2012 to coincide with the advent of the Olympics to London. The piece is written in baroque style for a brass ensemble of three trumpets, two trombones, percussion and timpani.

He has already had a piece entitled ‘Nordic Voyage’ performed by the Lewisham Concert Band in St. Paul’s Church in Deptford. This had excellent feedback from both the performers and the attending public.


The Jubilee Quartet

Stephen is one of 12 members of the London Composers Forum who have submitted original compositions to be performed by the renowned Jubilee Quartet in March 2012 at Lauderdale House, Muswell Hill London.


The Tony Barron Trio

 This is a newly formed trio of two violins and ‘cello in which Stephen plays mostly first violin and is responsible for creating suitable arrangements. The focus of the material is on 16th and 17th century baroque pieces and old English dance tunes which have never been formally arranged. They include Minuets, Bourees, Dance tunes and Airs by Henry Purcell (1659-1695) which have now fallen into obscurity. The aim is to revive these pieces so that they can be heard as they were played in their original setting 300years ago. Stephen has already completed 50 arrangements which are currently being rehearsed. There are also a number of his original compositions which are included in the repertoire. The trio intends to begin public performances in February 2012.




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